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The What Next Workshop: Find Your Next Career Path

Designed to be completed in 5 sessions, take a day, a week, or a month to work through this workshop that will help you identify potential new careers.

Work & Worth Membership

Accelerate your career growth and upgrade your life without work becoming your identity with this monthly membership.

Cover Letter Mad Libs

Do cover letters get you teary eyed? I used to tear up too until one of my clients asked me if I had one of these...

A Path to One of a Kindness (for folks deciding on next steps)

Finding out what makes you “one of a kind” is actually quite hard work! The exercises in this workbook include many ways to help you hone in on that magic, but there’s no formula. One of a kindness is a mystery, but finding your super power makes every part of creating your dream that much easier. It’s worth the work.

The Notable Network

Join this free networking and discussion online community, hosted on the Heartbeat platform. Podcast, book, and work & worth discussions, guided by our community values – all while getting to meet new connections and make new friends. Monthly Ask Me Anythings with Cristin, meet and mingles to speak with members in real time, and occasional summits.

Screentime Reboot: Develop a Healthy Relationship with Your Phone

Have you turned off your phone's screen time report in disgust? Learn how to develop a healthy relationship with your phone and get time back in your day.

    Distilling to One of a Kindness (for existing business owners)

    You already have a solid foundation to your business. You know what you do, you know why you were born to do it, and your clients love you! But you’re trying to narrow down that “hook” that makes you one of a kind, and that's what this framework will help you do.

    Turn One Video Into a Month of Content

    Have you ever wondered how some people seem to have a never-ending supply of original content? This is how...

    Turn One Video Into a Month of Content: Template Kits

    Get all the templates you'll need - audiograms, square videos, quote memes, tweets, and more – to complete the Turn One Video process. Plus, you'll get them in 4 distinct brand styles – Bold, Efficient, Charming, and Grounded – with accompanying royalty-free stock photo collections in Unsplash to match. All you have to do is add them to your Canva account and customize as needed!

    Turn One Video Into a Month of Content: Action Accelerator

    Content planning, scheduling, and analytics in one place! The Action Accelerator is a content planner, an automated calendar, and analytics tool designed for you to take everything you've learned in Turn One Video Into a Month of Content and immediately put it into action!

    Turn One Video Into a Month of Content: Bundle

    Buy all the "Turn One Video" products in a bundle and SAVE. Get the system, templates, and planner, scheduler, & analyzer all in one place.

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